Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Withermoore Castle - Walkthrough

If you're having trouble beating the game, this walkthrough should cover all your problems. Mark the hidden answers to see them.

Q: I'm stuck in the first room.
A: Examine the top-right drawer and read the book. After the cutscene, go to sleep.

Q: I can't escape the ****.
A: Run back the way you came and into the room to your right. Find the 'Hammer' and 'Planks' in the room, then barricade the entrance.

Q: I can't find a way to get out of the cold.
A: The lock of the tower in the left area of the map can be broken. There's a blunt weapon in the pot near the building you were in earlier. 

Q: I don't understand the first tower riddle.
A: The signs tell a story. You have to decide who got the most gold at the end of the story, who got the least and who got nothing. Remember that the angels swap the richest and the poorest at the end.
Q: I still don't get it!
A: Merchant gets the most, Dragon gets the least. The angels and the demon get nothing.

Q: I can't make it through the room with the arrows.
A: The voice that told you the arrows are lying means that the right way is in the opposite direction the arrow is facing. There is one dead end as well.

Q: I don't understand the second tower riddle.
A: Again, the signs tell a story. You have to trigger the plates with the symbols in the right order. Remember that the miller prays to the cross every evening.
Q: Still haven't got a clue.
A: Left Plate-Golden Plate-Right Plate-Golden Plate-Center Plate

Q: What is the answer to the mirror riddle?
A: Dust.

Q: Where am I supposed to go after I got down from the tower?
A: Head right to the armory to get a better ending or go straight to the keep in the north.

Q: What is the answer to the second mirror riddle?
A: Nothing.

Q: How do I get the 'Noble Longsword'?
A: You need to get the 'Ornate Gauntlet' from the top floor of the armory first.

Q: How do I get through the other door in the armory?
A: Try using the curtains.

Q: I can't get past the ****.
A: Try to run past while they aren't looking. But don't get too close or they will hear you. Also, don't break any pots.
Remember to take the 'Cloak' from the chest as well if you want to get the Good Ending. The **** will get more alert if you do, though.

Q: Where am I supposed to go once I have the 'Noble Longsword' and 'Noble Shield?'
A: Follow the way north to the gate which leads to the graveyard. You'll need the 'Cloak' to survive the cold.

Q: Where can I hide from the ****?
A: There's a coffin to the right.

Q: I don't understand the arrow riddle in the crypt.
A: Read the sign at the entrance for more info.
Q: You lost me there...
A: Touch the pillar in the middle and a row of arrows will appear. Now activate the arrows on the ground to match the ones that just appeared and touch the pillar again. This will open the chests.

Q: What are the answers to the third mirror riddle?
A: River.
A: Map.

Q: How do I get out of the crypt?
A: Just keep going.

Q: Where to after the crypt?
A: Only the keep is left to explore.

Q: How do I defeat ****?
A: There is 'Holy Water' in the top-left corner. Spill it on the symbols on the ground to slow him down. You only have to buy time to win this one.

Don't retrieve any of the family relics, then face off Alistair.

Retrieve one or two family relics, then defeat Alistair.

Retrieve all the family relics and defeat Alistair.

Thanks for playing!

Video Walkthroughs & Let's Plays
English by Cryero
German by ScreamingMikeyG


  1. A VASE IS BLOCKING THE ROOM FULL OF BEDS. And when I don't get the cloak I die on top of the tower.Pls Help:'(

    1. Hello Erika, I just reviewed the part with the cloak and you must have entered the tower precisely at the millisecond your timer ran out. I have implemented a fix and will upload it soon, but for now I'm afraid I'll have to ask you to continue from a previous save file. If you have overwritten yours, here are a couple to choose from: http://www.mediafire.com/download/0dfavk27u2s89a1/Savefiles.zip

      Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for playing!