Sunday, 8 September 2013

Alpha Centauri Pony Mod 0.8

7 Custom Pony Factions with their own artwork, dialogue and gameplay values (Twilight has Science bonuses, for example)
Celestia as Empress of the Solar Empire
Chrysalis as Queen of the Swarm
Gilda as Queen of the Griffons
Luna as Princess of the New Lunar Republic
Seapony Lyra as leader of the Seaponies
Twilight Sparkle as leader of the Arcane Seekers
Zecora as Caesar of the Zavros Republic

How to install:
1: Extract the archive to your Alpha Centauri folder
2: Launch "facedit.exe" in that folder
3: Click Load Faction and then choose the .txt of the faction you want to add.
    Example: Celestia.txt for Celestia
4. Click Save Faction and then Cancel
5. Click Add Faction To Game
6. Colonize Planet with Ponies!

Known Issues:
The transparency in some artworks isn't working, so the diplomacy logos may look strange.
Weird dialogue problems during tests (?)

The mod is provided as-is. I doubt I'll ever get around to working on it again, but feel free to improve it to your heart's content :)
Still, if there are any game-breaking bugs, you can let me know and I'll try to fix them.

Time spent on the project: ~10hours.
Most artwork was downloaded from and used without permission. If you see your artwork here and you're not okay with that, contact me and I'll take it out.


(The artworks look better ingame.)
(Making Screenshots in games as old as this one is a little problematic.)

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