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Thornegrave Manor - Walkthrough

If you're having trouble beating the game, this walkthrough should cover all your problems. Mark the hidden answers to see them.
Note that you can get a tip for your current situation by using the Dreamcatcher. With over 50 tips, it provides a good starting point if you're lost.

Manor part 1

Q: I don't know what I'm supposed to do after the second dream.
A: Use the Instructions Finlay pulled out of her pocket.
Q: Still no clue.
A: You have to put the Dreamcatcher on the table and turn it towards where John is sleeping. The open book will tell you where that is.

Q: I can't find anyone.
A: The door to the mill was unlocked.


Q: I don't know where to go.
A: The doormats in those alcoves mean that there are doors.

Cellar,  Riddle Rooms (from left to right)

Q: Riddle 1.
A: You need to find a dark place to put the Rope. Conveniently, there's a dark chasm at the south of the cellar.

Q: Riddle 2.
A: Use the levers to get rid of the barricades. The fastest combination is 1 - 2 - 4 - 5 (from left to right).

Q: Riddle 3.
A: It's an old fashioned maze. You see where you need to go when you first enter it. Whenever you see an enemy, run away from him as quickly as possible and you should be fine.

Q: Riddle 4.
A: Read the stone tablet, then enter the room with closed eyes. This one is a little tricky, since you have to rely on Finlay's other senses. Basically: Move, then feel what's in front of you. If there's a door, go in. If you hear whispering, wait until it passes, then continue moving.

Q: What's up with those levers, they don't seem to do anything.
A: They need to be pressed in the right order. A correct input will make a high pitched sound, while an incorrect one will make a deeper one.
Q: Just give me the combination...
A: Red - Blue - Blue - Red - Blue - Blue - Red - Red - Red - Blue

Q: I don't know what to do with the piano.
A: The piano plays a sequence of four notes. You need to align the note symbols on the wall with what the piano played. Then, talk to the shade behind the piano to make it sing. Get it right three times and you can continue.

Q: I don't understand the riddle with the bodyparts.
A: Activate the pillar and you will see what you need to throw down the hole. Repeat this until you have given it all it wants, then the gate to the north opens.

Manor part 2

Q: Where can I bandage myself?
A: There's a towel in the kitchen on the ground floor of the manor. Alternatively, a drawer in the room where you slept contains rags.

Q: I can't find anyone (again).
A: Have a look at the stable.

Q: Where to next?
A: You now have an axe with which you can open the trap door on the second floor of the manor.

Q: How can I defeat the *******?
A: One slash with your knife is enough, you just have to be quick enough. If you're having trouble, try remembering the spots in which they appear.

Q: Where are Edgar/Isabelle?
A: Downstairs, a door will open. There you can get some info from Isabelle.

Q: Where did I leave my Gun?
A: You lost it when you crashed through the stairs in the mill.


Q: I don't get the library riddle.
A: The book you're looking for is supposed to be in the top row of shelf C-2. Since they moved the order, it is now in the bottom row of shelf B-6.
Q: Way over my head...
A: It's in the right most shelf in the middle. Check the bottom row.

Q: How do I get past the *******?
A: You need to get to the ladder in the bottom left corner of the room. Don't get too close to a spirit and don't get spotted. Once you're up the ladder, escape to the left and then left again.

Art Gallery

Q: Where do I need to go?
A: The door in the top left keeps changing and presents you with a variety of rooms that need to be solved.

Q: Room 1 (shades).
A: The shades in the room tell you rhymes which need to be completed. When you've given the correct answers, activate the tablet.

Q: Room 2 (nervous painter).
A: You have to help the nervous painter through his day by giving him useful things. At 9:00 he needs the newspaper from his desk. At 12:00 he needs the tranquilizer pills from the box in his shelf (only unlocked at 12:00). At 18:00 he needs the jar of roses. Then, turn the clock to 21:00 and activate the tablet.

Q: Room 3 (mirror).
A: Just activate the mirror a few times until you notice something. Then answer the question on the tablet.

Q: Room 4.
A: Keep going until you're back in the main room.

Q: What do I do once that door is locked?
A: Now there's a Hook at the pedestal next to the changing door and String between the chests in the leftmost part of the room. Combine these. Then head out and get the book back.

Q: Where am I supposed to read that book?
A: The middle of the main room at the Art Gallery is well-lit. Jump over the wall, then put it down.

Q: How do I defend myself?
A: Stand against the wall so that you're facing an enemy, then press space to shoot it.

Manor part 3

Q: What's there left to do here?
A: There are three notes from Edgar's diary amid the wreckage. One is where the mill was, one behind the northern wall of the manor and one in the top right corner of the estate.

Q: Got all the notes, what now?
A: Just find somewhere to go to sleep so that Graham can enter your dream. That bench inside the manor ruins looks comfortable...

Final Dream

Q: How do I open the door?
A: Slash it with the Knife.

Q: How can I help Graham progress past the second door?
A: Throw him the knife and he will open it.

Q: How do I survive the fight with the ****?
A: Just be quick on the trigger finger and reload everytime Graham slashes the mirror.

Play through til the end without linking Edgar's Ornament to the occult book from the library.

Acquire Edgar's Ornament by either being inquisitive at dinner or by talking to Isabelle after the first night at the manor. Then, compare the Ornament with the Occult Book once you've set it down to read.

Thanks for playing!

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